Wharncliffe Fly Fishing

Wharncliffe Fly Fishery Rules 2014

  1. Fishery open every day from 8am to dusk.
  2. All flies to be barbless or effectively de-barbed.
  3. No double, treble or tandem hooks are permitted.
  4. Maximum of 2 fish on any day or 2 in any week may be taken. Any of your catch may be taken subject to maximum. No fish to be “passed on”.
  5. All fish of 4 pounds or over must be returned alive.
  6. All fish to be landed using an approved knotless landing net and returned safely to the water. DO NOT HANDLE FISH – return them using your landing net.
  7. All coarse fish are to be treated with respect and returned alive.
  8. No brown trout to be taken.
  9. No booby fishing or floating fly on sinking line.
  10. Boat Tickets: Fees are:

    Morning 8am – 1pm £4.00
    Afternoon 1pm – dusk £4.00
    Full day 8am – dusk £7.00

    Before using the boat you must complete the boat ticket (to be found on the desk in the hut)
    retain half and put the other half in the envelope with the fee and place the envelope
    in the secure box under the rubber mat.
    When fishing from the boat you must anchor to one of the buoys, drifting or trolling are not permitted.

  11. All Environment Agency rules are to be complied with at Wharncliffe.
  12. All bags may be searched.
  13. No dogs or radios.
  14. Please close the gate behind you.
  15. Do not leave any litter and do not discard any line or hooks – TAKE THEM HOME.
  16. No loose feed to thrown in the water.
  17. No vehicles are to be driven onto the dam wall or parked on the dam wall.
    Any angler breaking the rules risks the following penalties:

    a) A fine
    b) A suspension of membership, or,
    c) Being expelled and their membership cancelled with no refund.

    Ron Ogle
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